White wines

Touraine-Mesland blanc

The production of white wines in the territory of the TOURAINE-MESLAND appellation has always been almost confidential: it is currently 1 / 7th of the volumes produced in red and rosé.

The Chenin grape, locally known as Pineau de Loire, finds an interesting expression in the chalk and flint clay terroirs of the appellation.

Varietal intended to produce wines of guard. to which it gives aromas of linden, it predominates in an assembly where its alliance with Chardonnay and Sauvignon allows the wines to round off, to reach their fullness, and to confer to the white wines of TOURAINE-MESLAND the typicity which them done by their amateurs.

The new assembling rules for white TOURAINE-MESLAND are as follows:
– The Sauvignon must intervene in a maximum proportion of 30% of the encépagement,
– The Chardonnay, intervening in a proportion inferior or equal to that of Sauvignon, and at the maximum of 15% of the encépagement.