Red wines

The sands, clays and gravels of flint and quartz that extend over the plateaux of the appellation area are a favorite substrate for the production of red wines, just like the Miocene clay sands, which are largely exposed, constitute a terroir. characteristic wine.

The vine growers of the TOURAINE-MESLAND appellation have the tradition of producing pleasant wines in their early youth while revealing themselves to be of good guard. These wines, resulting from low yields and careful harvesting to ensure a beautiful expression of maturity of the grape varieties, are subject to a vinification which, while respecting the purity of the aromas, allows to express the depth of their character. Their breeding is done in a traditional way.

Characterized by their subtlety and cherry scent, TOURAINE-MESLAND wines, thanks to the delicacy of their tannins, can wait for several years without losing their strength and even gaining finesse.

The new assembly rules of TOURAINE-MESLAND red are the following:
– Gamay black with white juice must intervene in a proportion between 40% and 60% of the encépagement,
– The Côt and Cabernet Franc must each intervene in a proportion of between 20% and 30% of the vines.