cépage Touraine Mesland

Red grape varieties

“Overall, the red grape varieties give wines of guard when the climate is under the direct influence of the Loire and semi guard when this influence can be diffused by tributary rivers”. This expression of G. Simoneau seems quite to answer the territory of Mesland.
– Gamay black with white juice
– The Côt
– The Cabernet Franc


White grape varieties

In the aim of TOURAINE-MESLAND which is to assemble these three grape varieties according to precise rules, we will take care, on the one hand, to rebalance the proportions of the encépagement, on the other hand, with the effects of each of the components in assembly. Thus, as far as the Sauvignon is concerned, it can also be attributed sectors of good expression to limit the liveliness of Chenin. PHs more neutral than those found in sands can give a certain roundness and finesse. It should not be confused “aromatic intensity” and aromatic quality.
– The Chenin
– The Sauvignon
– The Chardonnay