A controlled appellation

Touraine Mesland

Appellation TOURAINE

The Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) TOURAINE was recognized in 1939 and extends its 5000 hectares on the slopes of the Loire and its tributaries. This sector includes the five communes of Chaumont-sur-Loire, Valaire, Monthou-sur-Bièvre, Rilly-sur-Loire and Vallières-les-Grandes located on the left bank of the Loire, between Blois and Amboise.

The vineyard is established in this sector with the Roman conquest. In the 4th century, Saint Martin, Bishop of Tours, develops the vineyard in the Loire Valley. In the 15th century, the court of the Kings of France, established in Blois, contributes to the development of the vineyard and quality wines.

The red wines, from Gamay, Cabernet and Côt varieties, are drunk young and fresh. The blend of cabernet and side gives a semi-garde wine that goes well with red meats and cheeses.

The rosé wines, made from Gamay, Cabernet or Pineau d’Aunis grape varieties, combine with cold cuts and grilled meats.

The white wines, made from the Sauvignon grape, are drunk young with crustaceans, fish and goat cheeses.

In happy hours, a traditional method will sparkle the spirits.


The TOURAINE-MESLAND Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) extends over the four communes of Mesland, Monteaux, Onzain and Chouzy-sur-Cisse located on the right bank of the Loire, between Blois and Amboise, facing the castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire, on an area of ??350 hectares.

The AOC TOURAINE-MESLAND was recognized by decree on July 15, 1955. Its winemaker tradition dates back to the 11th century. The culture of the vine is closely linked to history. The Romans were the first to plant vines. The monks of the Abbey of Marmoutiers, near Tours, gave all its importance to Mesland whose priory they built. This birth was in fact the culmination of a long period of demonstration of the will of winemakers of the territory of MESLAND to be recognized.

Touraine-Mesland reds are made with Cabernet Franc, Côt and Gamay. They go well with red meats and cheeses. They can be tasted young or wait a few years.

Touraine-Mesland rosés from Gamay, often called “gray”, are vinified by direct pressing. Fruity and light, these are summer wines that combine with cold meats, light meals and raw vegetables.

The white Touraine-Mesland, whose Chenin or Pineau de Loire is the dominant grape, with a touch of Chardonnay. They age beautifully and accompany fish and shellfish.

The range of wines offered in this vineyard of the Loire is impressive. The TOURAINE-MESLAND can be produced in still and early wines (only for rosés and reds), sparkling and sparkling under the three colors red, white and rosé. Effervescents can exist in semi-dry and mellow.