A vineyard

vignoble Touraine Mesland

Located on the right bank of the Loire, downstream of Blois, the TOURAINE-MESLAND vineyard extends over the territory of six communes: Mesland, Monteaux, Onzain, Chouzy-sur-Cisse, Molineuf and Chambon-sur-Cisse.

The vineyard is delimited by limestone slopes overlooking the Loire Valley from a height of 30 to 40 meters. Above these vineyard slopes lies a vast undulating plateau corresponding to the Touraine Gâtine. The slopes are cut by secondary valleys: Cisse, Cissereau, Petite Cisse.

Benefiting from a favorable south-west orientation, the vineyard is strongly influenced in its morphology by the Cisse valley offering slopes with good quality viticultural soils. The vineyard enjoys a semi-oceanic climate and benefits from the mildness of the Loire climate: mild winter, mild summer heat, sunny autumn, allowing a good vegetative development of the vine.

Healthy, naturally drained soils with good exposure ensure regularization and ripening. The area of ??the AOC, was revised in 1986 by the INAO at the request of the winemakers. 356 hectares are currently in production, the major wine sectors focusing on the municipalities of Mesland, Monteaux and Onzain. A dozen vine growers currently cultivate the vineyard.