The village of Mesland

village de Mesland

The first homes of Mesland were built on a promontory, former Gallo-Roman site, overlooking the valley of the small Cisse (also called the Cheramant). It is when one arrives by Onzain since D43 that the visitor understands why the first hearths settled there: it is a perfect place of lookout. The priory and the Romanesque church built on the north side by the monks of the abbey of Marmoutiers, are the living testimony. In the 11th century, the clearing by the monks of the abbey of the forest of Blémars which formed a natural border between touraine and Blésois, marks the beginning of the history of Mesland and several surrounding towns.

From the Latin Fons Merlandi (fountain Mesland), the site of Mesland lends itself to the installation of a priory because of many sources (more than thirty spring in the campaign helping to give to the Mesniers a reputation of sorciers!), Of which that from the small Cisse (1km north-west of the current village, at a place called Les Perrets) which fed an abundant fountain located on the site of the current wash. Two castles, unopened to the public, are nestled in the woods: Bois Guillot and Touche. Note also a remarkable farmhouse of the seventeenth century ship-shaped roof returned, Perlière, and the old mill of Mesland, still equipped with its reach. Many old houses give the village its character.

History: The exceptional situation of Mesland, its fertile valley, its admirable fountains delight the Roman cohorts who settled there. The name Fons Merlandi appears in a charter of 1032. Then, in the registers of the civil status, held by gentlemen parish, from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, Mesland was called Mesland-la-Fontaine, a very natural name and perfectly understood, because at that time, the fountain of Mesland was a precious source in times of drought, not only for the town, but also for many hamlets more or less distant.

blason de Mesland
Mesland’s coat of arms was created in 1997 by Jacques Riby, a Mesnian artist. Party of azure and gold, to a pentagonal fountain gushing 6 jets, 3 to dexter and 3 to sinister one on the other, silver on the azure and vert on the gold.